Simple & Functional 

Unrivaled Fixed Long Term Energy Cost

A one time initial system and installation cost will allow long term fixed energy or water cost.


Solar Thermal Application

for Sludge Drying in Arizona

Jared Stamell

Mark Sawaryn
Chief Engineer

Michael J. LaLima
Process / Operations Engineer

Harness The Sun's Energy To Displace Fossil Fuels – Day & Night

Our systems are designed to harness the sun's energy daily and deliver power, heat or water to industry eliminating the need for fossil fuels, hence saving costs on fuel overhead while making a greener environment.

​Klaus F. Broscheit
Vice President

Angelo P. Chialva
Chief Technology Officer

Innovative & Light Weight Design

Light weight solar troughs that can be assembled and mounted rapidly to cover any heat, power or water needs of today’s world industrial businesses.

Made To Last

Our systems are robust and can supply power, heat or water delivery without interruption for at least 30 years, day & night, using advanced thermal energy storage.

Solar Thermal Solutions for:

  • Industrial Heat or Steam
    • ​​​Food processing
    • ​Mining applications
    • Sludge drying
  • Electrical Power
  • Water
    • ​Purification
    • Desalination
    • ​Decontamination

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